Printmaker & Photographer

Sian Wright works across digital and analogue processes within photography, print and installation. This nostalgia for the analogue medium evokes a bygone age by increasing an awareness of material and surface contrasting with the traditional notion of photographic transparency.


This hybridised approach is used to investigate the disintegration of reality and subject matter that echo trauma and the fleetingness of human existence. Intended to survive the test of time, ruinous locations are explored as containers of memory and forgotten relics that perpetually shift between past, present and future.


Moving away from the classically picturesque ruin, her work focuses on the monumental sublime in Brutalist architecture and old industrial sites threatened with demolition due to their discordance with popular taste. Forgotten and unused, these sites are often deemed purposeless despite their historic value. Whilst her imagery initially serves as an act of preservation, the sense of infinite emptiness and lack of human presence borders on the dystopian and sublime where she works to de-construct reality.


With a multi-disciplinary approach, she explores space, form and function by adopting processes from post-production composites, alternative photography and traditional printmaking when exploring  medium boundaries. This is particularly influential in her pursuit of installation and site-specific work in the near future.



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